See Change Consulting offers coaching to help you navigate your career questions and challenges,  whether you are seeking a career change, promotion into leadership, a transition after redundancy, help finding or applying for a  job or help preparing for a job interview. Find out more…..








  • EXECUTIVE COACHING – SES, senior and general staff coaching – APS job competencies, leadership, interpersonal skills
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT – improve job performance or address under performance
  • REDUNDANCY – Practical help to explore your career options, for those experiencing an APS redundancy
  • SCHOOL LEAVERS / GRADUATES – learn more about your strengths and which careers suit your natural interests using world class online instruments and insightful 1 on 1 coaching. Make confident career choices based on better self knowledge, understanding of job fit and a clarity on your future path
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  • CAREER PLANNING – mapping your path, transitioning, promotion- APS, private sector, all ages/stages
  • RESUME WRITING SERVICES- practical critiques, advice and ideas to make your resume and job application stand out
    SKILLS AUDIT – Developing, refining or showcasing your skills effectively whilst applying for a promotion
  • OUTPLACEMENT SUPPORT – whatever assistance you need to get you onto the right path career wise
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  • INTERVIEW SKILLS /INTERVIEW TIPS- Interview Skills and Mock Interviews (1 on 1 coaching or small group workshops). See Change can help you with real world versions of the typical interview questions for various job levels and also with approaches to considering your interview answers. Our popular Interview Skills Package will help you prepare for a job interview in a unique way, specifically tailored to help you play to your strengths. Alison specialises in interview coaching for APS interviews.
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CAREER DIAGNOSIS! (For school leavers, changing careers, teams)


See Change Consulting offers real career help

You may be struggling to choose a career path or just wondering why you feel stuck or unhappy in your current career. Career diagnostics is a complicated term for tools (online or paper based) to help you work out your personality, natural strengths or interests, behaviour style and so on. These can help you with career decisions or improving your understanding of your personality and strengths and those of your work team

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ©- personality profile, career reports
  • DiSC © – behavioural response instrument
  • Strong Interest Inventory ©- job interest analysis
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