Interview Tips

Why not enlist the help of ‘the best interview coach in Canberra’. See Change Consulting’s interview coaching and interview tips will give you the edge you need in a competitive market. Alison can help you be at your best in your next interview, whether through improving your rapport building skills, managing your nerves more effectively, constructing better responses or walking into the interview armed with the knowledge about what interview panels are really looking for from interviewees – or perhaps just building your confidence after previous difficult interviews!  She draws from years of experience in real interview processes from APS 3/4 to SES Band 3 levels and knowledge of the APS expectations for applicants.

Interview Skills Package

Gain valuable insights and interview tips based on our years of
experience with interview processes and real world knowledge of
what actually works in interview rooms – practical help not theory or buzzwords. 

Plan a confident and effective interview approach so you can play to your own strengths and be yourself. If you are applying for an APS job,  See Change Consulting can help you understand current recruitment practices and how to present yourself effectively in this environment.  Alison will prepare for your consultation beforehand to ensure you get the best value from your investment.

Choose from a single 1 hour coaching session or the very popular Interview Skills Package (2 x 1 hour coaching sessions). The Interviewcasual-meeting Skills Package covers off on a range of interview skills, and will always be tailored to what you are most interested in.

Enquire Now – or read about the range of interview coaching topics below.

  • Help to overcome nerves – Do you do all the right preparation but get crippled by nerves at interview?  See Change Consulting can help.
  • General interview tips – Do you often get merit listed but never ranked 1st ? Talk through how to gain an edge.
  • Help to better present your skills and strengths – Alison can help you refine your ‘pitch’ or just feel more confident describing your strengths (especially for APS or other public sector job interviews)
  • Better ways to prepare for job interviews –  See Change offers practical interview tips and a tailored approach for so you can play to your strengths and be yourself.
  • Interview questions and answers – Alison will work with you to devise effective ways to frame your responses and will provide you with ideas about answering typical interview questions.
  • Help to anticipate the interview questions – See Change can provide you with samples of common interview questions by job level (especially for APS / public sector jobs) and can devise practice questions oriented to the role you are applying for.
  • Help to understand feedback you have had from previous interviews – What does the feedback really mean? We can talk through any feedback so you can present at your next interview with a better approach.
  • Troubleshooting skills – Get tips and techniques to prepare for and master typical challenges in a job interview
  • An edge to get entry to graduate programs – Getting into graduate programs is highly competitive. Our coaching will help you really understand what APS agencies look for in graduates and how to stand out from the crowd.
  • Ideas about how to present your examples effectively –  See Change offers guidance about what works and what doesn’t when you present examples, including why using the STAR method of story telling isn’t always the best approach.
  • Help to understand selection criteria –  We offer help with addressing selection criteria for common questions at a job interview (all levels including SES).
  • Information about interviews – See Change specialises in APS job interviews but can offer interview tips for jobs in the private sector also. Our coaching is based on real world experience and insights.
  • Interview practice –  Take advantage of the chance for a mock interview, with real world interview questions and immediate feedback on your approach. Learn to feel comfortable at an interview, in a safe and supportive conversation space in our mock interview coaching session (face to face or by Skype or phone, to suit your schedule). See Change Consulting’s mock interview coaching is invaluable in honing your interview performance and settling nerves. Feedback and interview tips will be individualised to suit you and is provided based on your coach’s first hand extensive experience in recruitment and in working on or with numerous APS selection committees.

Alison Shepherd, of See Change,  has thousands of hours of first hand experience helping with interviews and recruitment processes. She knows what works in interview rooms and what doesn’t, including for SES levels and is highly skilled in helping you work out how to play to your strengths at interview. She can assist you to anticipate and plan for the interview questions and answers,  for all APS levels including the SES, and, through skillful coaching, help you present yourself calmly and confidently.
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