Career coaching

Career Coaching (3 to 6 x 1 hour sessions)

Work with a Professional Career Coach in Canberra who can help you you effectively explore your options, find the best job fit and get motivated to make some real changes in your career. Build a plan to achieve accelerated results and stay on track. Attend a single coaching session or a program of sessions tailored for you.
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Interview coaching

Interview Skills package (1 or 2 x 1 hour sessions – or a single session as suits you)

Private 1 on 1 interview skills training can help you overcome nerves, anticipate interview questions and practice
your responses (eg through discussion and/or in a mock interview). You will walk into your next interview with rock solid confidence.
Maximise your chance to ‘nail it ‘at your next interview with an Interview coach who is expert in APS recruitment.  Since mid 2015 , many APS agencies have been looking to streamline their recruitment practices, including interview approaches, and you need to be able to compete in often shorter or more free ranging job interviews.  Alison will help you understand what interviewers are looking for and work with you to devise ways you can play to your strengths and present yourself professionally.
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Career diagnostics

Career Assessment package (1- 2 x 1 hour sessions) – Enquire Now
Find out why some jobs will suit you more than others, by completing simple exercises,
with the results personally interpreted for you by a Professional Career Coach.

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator ©
    – this will help you understand your innate work style preferences and strengths and assists you improve your team skills.
  • DiSC ©
    – this will help you identify the work environments that will bring out your best, how you tend to respond to different work environments and which ones may cause you stress. Sometimes its not the job its the environment you are in!
    This helps you work out the best environment and types of people to surround yourself with.
  • Strong Interest Inventory ©
    – this is perfect if you just can’t seem to work out which careers interest you. It is a very easy exercise and gives highly detailed and accurate results about what careers are likely to match up to your natural interests and keep you happy.
    (highly recommended for school leavers)
Life's Journey

Career planning

Performance Accelerator /Performance Management (3-6 x 1 hour sessions)

Improve your performance or job capabilities (particularly against the APS Integrated Leadership System – ILS) .
Improve your understanding of the APS ILS and other competency expectations, develop your decision making tools, build your capacity to interact effectively with colleagues, master work/life balance or just get unstuck from career roadblocks.
This program is also ideal to assist supervisers or managers to support the performance of their staff.
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