“A comprehensive approach to career support, Alison is superb” Ross APS Client EL2 2011, 2016 & 2017

” Your coaching has made a world of difference. Thank you” Joanne, APS Client EL2 2019

“Thank you so much for your service. It was invaluable!” Deborah APS Client 2017

“I got the job!! (SES Band 3). Thanks again for all your help” APS Client 2019

“Alison has a lovely, easy manner which immediately put me at ease. She tailored her sessions around my personal needs and specific requirements. With her interview oriented coaching, Alison uses her thorough understanding of what interview panels are looking for to challenge and mentor you through various scenarios. I’m so thankful to have found her !” Kim, APS Client 2020

“Alison has a talent for asking the right questions at the right time and she ensured that I explored all the areas I needed to, in regard to my career planning, without being pushy or directive in any way. I found her to be a highly ethical person and recommend her as a career coach”  Susan, APS Client 2006

“Many thanks again Alison for all your guidance in reviewing my application and for coaching me for my interview for the EL2. I think it was probably what got me across the line!”Alex, APS Client promoted to EL2, 2019

“I’m so amazed to have such fantastic results after just three sessions….. your help made all the difference” Natalie, APS Client 2018

“I have referred a range of people to Alison, from school leavers to senior level staff, and the feedback I have had regarding her work with them has been uniformly complimentary. She has a strong knowledge of the Canberra job marketplace and an excellent understanding of the APS.” Snr Recruitment Consultant, Private Sector ACT 2015

“This week I received 2 job offers from the Victorian PS graduate program. I have always seen this as a dream career path and wanted to thank your for your help throughout. Your support was invaluable and I feel like I share this achievement with you. Thank you again.” Tiago 2015

“Your relaxed and conversational style, ability to quickly hone into relevant issues and help me identify ideas or actions were really appreciated” APS Client, EL2 DFAT 2017 

“Thanks again for your coaching and interview tips , it really helped me prepare for interview and, in particular, to effectively consider what the panel would be looking for – it ended up being one of the most comfortable interviews I’ve done and I was successful in securing the role “ Gillian, APS Client 2016

“Thanks alot for your exceptional service” Jeong 2017

“We have had fantastic feedback from staff on the career coaching sessions.” MOAD HR Manager 2011

“Alison has assisted me in taking control of my career and goals and then sticking to them over the last couple of years in a way that a colleague or boss would not have been able to. This process has seen me become more effective, develop my expertise and working relationships and sort out some issues outside work also.  I have been able to work through difficult issues, with Alison in my corner, and recognise and grab opportunities for my career enhancement. ” Tim, APS Client 2010

“Your coaching was instrumental in assisting me to prepare for my  interview (SES) –  I was successful in securing the job. Thanks again” Ian, APS Client Band 1 2005

“Thanks, your coaching was so valuable. I have already passed your details on to a number of colleagues and told them you are the best interview coach in Canberra. “ David, APS Client 2014

“Thank you so much for your help.  You have no idea how much it boosted my confidence in approaching my group interview today. The techniques you helped me devise for controlling my nerves worked wonders and I went in there confident and for the first time felt like I was actually able to show them my personality.”  Stefanie, 2016

“Really very impressed, thanks very much. I really like that you took the time to individualise your approach to career discussions.” James APS Client 2009

“On behalf of the Department of Social Services, I’d like to  express our thanks for providing such a valuable service”(Interview Skills Workshops & 1 on 1 coaching, 80 staff) Michael, DSS, 2015

“I found your career support service to be extraordinarily good value and so practical; covering a depth and range of topics in a short time and arriving at conclusions that have enabled me to move forward in a very positive and confident fashion. Thank you, the pleasure was all mine.” Simon, APS Client 2007

“I found Alison’s coaching to be extremely useful in assisting me to win an ANU/APS Sir Roland Wilson PhD scholarship. Her approach and real world experience made it real and placed me in the mindset required to be successful in securing this opportunity. Cheers and thanks again” APS Client 2013

“I would like to thank you for your guidance. I accepted a promotion on Monday this week. “ Lynne, General Manager, NSW Govt 2013

“Just wanted to say thanks for your help with the interview tips. I am happy to say I got the job (yay!) and I think your interview coaching is very valuable in helping people preparing for job interviews. Thanks alot!” Daisy 2014

“Alison provided me with a different approach to job interviews, allowing me to think on my feel, be more confident and ultimately win the position. I highly recommend Alison’s interview and career support services.” Brooke, APS Client 2014


“I was promoted last week (to EL2 level). Thanks for your help. I learnt a great deal through the process.” Julie 2013

“I benefited greatly from your professional support and guidance and I know that the knowledge I gained in the coaching sessions will assist me in all aspects of my professional development in the future. Thanks.” Joe, APS Client 2010

“I nearly fell off my chair when I found out I was ranked 1st in the selection process (EL2). I was very impressed with the level of service you provided and found the process immensely useful and good value for money. Your very practical coaching and ideas for presenting myself effectively really made a difference. I feel much more confident at interviews now.Andrew, APS Client 2006

“Life Changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “ Fran , APS EL1 Client 2011 & 2016

“I thought I would drop you a line and let you know I got the job (SES Band 2 ). I’d like to thank you for the interview skills coaching – it helped me so much. “ APS Client Band 2, 2007

“Alison is an exceptional listener and coach. She is an excellent communicator and presents information in a clear and logical manner so it is easy to understand. Her warm but inquisitive questioning helped lead me to my own career solutions. “ Fran , APS Client 2004

“Just letting you know I got the job (APS6). Your guidance and the confidence you gave me to believe in myself was invaluable. I was ranked 2nd in a bulk round and 1st for my preferred role. Thanks so much. “ Frankie, APS Client 2013

“I’d like to thank you for your assistance and guidance through the EL2 and SES1 selection processes. Much appreciated (and it worked). All the best. “ Brenton, APS Client 2009

“The whole process was more comfortable than I was expecting and I surprised myself with the results I achieved. Thanks.”  Stuart, Private Sector Client 2004

“I was stuck in my job and unable to see opportunities. Alison helped me to recognise what I had to offer and what opportunities there were. Thanks for the inspiring sessions. “ Amanda 2010

“I went into the job interview with confidence & walked out with the job! Thanks for the help Alison.” Brad 2008

“Alison asked all the right questions to help me articulate my current situation and future needs, in my career and life more generally. I found the coaching very rewarding thanks to Alison’s approach. “ Sarah 2004

“Alison was fantastic. She was very approachable and informative. She helped us to be comfortable to talk about interview approaches and to discuss individual problems. She provided really practical interview tips also” APS Workshop Participant 2007

” I got offered the job and this was in no small part thanks to your interview tips (APS6). Many thanks. “ James 2006

“It was a pleasure and enlightening to work with Alison. Although I was fairly certain about the changes I wanted to make in my career, I benefited greatly from her guidance and advice as to how to best direct my focus and efforts.”  Ariadna 2008

“Alison helped me to see that I can have what I want in my work life. I am more motivated and looking forward to the next challenge. Coaching is a real necessity for people for whom career decisions are difficult.”  Belinda 2005

“Alison is living proof of what coaching can do for you. She is enthusiastic, empathetic and professional.”
Steve Mills, Master NLP Pract, Director Impact Pacific. 2004

NOTE: The above testimonials are from actual clients. Names have been altered on some testimonials to ensure the privacy of the individual. Results from coaching vary and  the experience for individuals will be different. See Change Consulting does not guarantee that by using this service you will achieve any particular career outcome or be short listed or selected for any particular job or promotion.